Good News, Shows and a Little Bit of Magic

+ In the ‘good news department,’ I was accepted into the ‘Triangle Gallery’ for their 2007 ‘Studio Art Sale and Bohemian Extravaganza’, which is awesome! The sale is only on for 3 days though, so if you want to check it out, you’ll have to be quick. The show is from Nov 1-3 in Calgary, Ab. and features many renowned artists, both local and international (including me, not that I’m exactly “renowned” yet. Maybe one day and hopefully before I’m dead, which seems to be a popular way of being ‘renowned’ with artists : (. But, I guess that would be better than nothing.... Anyway, drop by and ‘buy’ something while you can!

+ Also in the ‘good news department’ is the fact that I’ve gotten my work into the ‘Keystone Art Gallery’ in Art Central in Downtown Calgary. Daniel, the Director seems like a very knowledgeable and nice guy and I look forward to working with him. Definitely drop by and take a look, if you have the chance.

+ In official “Printing business," I have been working hard on a couple of new series, and am now in the cutting stages of about eight different plates. I will be working on some new ideas, printing and doing some shows and markets as Christmas approaches. Let me know if you need any info. on prices or framing for any Christmas gifts!

+Just thinking.....

Life is tough sometimes, that’s for sure (it’s cliche’, I know....but inescapably true). Despite the difficult times and challenges, there definitely are some magical things which seem to rise above so much of the mundane. For me, those include my endless fascination with music, art and the wild beauty of the Canadian Rockies. I am sad that hiking season is pretty much finished, but hopefully I will get a chance at some skiing and snowshoeing this winter. I would love to have a wood stove one day- that is pure magic to me as well. Although I sense that there is a big mystery beyond and behind all of this, I do long to experience it in some sort of ‘real’ way one day. You know, the kind of experience that you don’t conjure up, but that happens despite your doubts? Yeah, that kind of magic would be great....but I guess for now, I will have to make due with its many incarnations that exist plainly in our time and space.