Jun 2007

Changing Creative Directions

+ I am currently working on a news series which is kind of going in a new direction from the more “landscapey” work that I have made thus far. Changing creative directions is not something I can generally plan for, but something I just have to wait and see where it leads. It kind of takes you on it’s own journey and then you can look back and see if you like it or not. It sounds kind of weird, like I’m not in charge or something, but often that’s how it feels. I often look back at my work and go, “I have no idea how I did that!” I still feel that way about music I have written as well. I’m sure there is some psychological explanation to this, but I can see how creativity is linked to spirituality quite often in this sense of “otherness.”

+ Aside from this new series, I am just getting all the details for shipping and payment worked out right now (I can accept Paypal currently, I’m just seeing if a “cart and basket” method is worth pursuing or not).

+ I added a link to the “links” section (makes sense, I suppose). “McClain’s Printmaking Supplies” is an awesome place to deal with if you’re looking for printmaking tools and materials. I said to ask for “Ema,” because she is so nice to deal with! Everyone there is very helpful though and they’re definitely worth checking out.