Site re-design #5. The challenge of editing.

Ridge shot to the North

Well, if you've dropped around here in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed no less than five, yes- five, site changes! White sites, green sites, military themes, a bit of everything in fact. I realize it's crazy, but I guess I can't help myself. You know, that tendency to never give up until it's "just right?" Yeah, that's the one I've got a major problem with. I was mentioning this to a friend this last week, admiting that I am the 'King of Editing." Whether it's a drawing, a website, a new print or a recording of a new song, I will go crazy exploring as many options as I can, until I can have a little peace that I've got something I can live with. Although it seems to work out it the end, it can certainly drive me a little crazy. Okay, a 'lot' crazy! But I can't help it!! Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys the changes and the new "new look." Although you (and I) should take it with a grain of salt, I will now declare the new site style and reworking "officially complete." Don't quote me on that though : )...... As for the 'season changes' - forget it : ), I'm done.

Otherwise, my only site additions will be:

-Icons....yes, site icons, I really like them and have made some for the site. I've got to watch it though, I've got prints to make and these little icons are fun to make! Speaking of which- what do you think that icon on the homepage is? I'd love to hear some guesses. I'll post some of the better ones.

-Prints: Yes, by the end of December I will actually add some photographs of the new prints. I've got to cut templates for my printing, which I need to do outside. However, with the temperatures being in the -15 C to -25 C mark, I've been putting it off. But this week I have no excuse, it's going to be a balmy -6 to -9C. Ah, winter in Canada. At least there is a little snow. I wouldn't complain if we got a bunch more though!

Take care all- only 17 days to Christmas.....

Oh, I haven't put any photos together, but the one at the top is one of my favourites from King Creek Ridge in the Kananaskis. It was a cold day and I was wearing my shorts (duh...). It was beautiful though. That wall of rock when you reach the ridge is just outstanding, as are the views down the valley.

Welcome to my new site.

I just wanted to write a little post to welcome everyone to the new site. Basically, it's pretty much like the last one but it's got a different look and a few new features.

Why a new site?

As it happens, my last computer was running on it's last legs and I needed a new one, which ended up being a Mac. Although the Mac is really great, I had been working on a software program for developing websites that was PC/Windows only and I realized that I needed to re-do the site on the new computer. A daunting challenge for sure, but I am glad to have spent the time putting this one together and think that it should be a smoother experience overall (for me, especially!). The software is much more stable and I think the site has a cleaner look and is actually a lot faster than the last.

Site style:

I am thinking about incorporating a new look for the site for every season. While this may be a bit of work, I think the effect will be worth it. Right now, I've kind of got a Red/White on Grey background going, which will be my default look, but stay tuned as a new "Winter" look may be coming for Christmas and Winter Solstice.

Looking Forward:

In the next month I will be participating in a bunch of print sales and shows, so hopefully they all go well. Again, let me know if you need anything for presents or anything framed.

Now that the website creation is behind me, I can get back to printing! I have 7 or 8 new plates cut, which need to be proofed and printed. Aside from one, they come from the series I was working on in the summer, which I wasn't sure would see the light of day, but it seems they now will. I will post photos as soon as they are available.

Before Christmas, I would like to get working on some new drawings for prints, which will hopefully be based on a lot of my summer hiking excursions. The Canadian Rockies are just so amazing! I was truly inspired and humbled by the beauty and power of nature this summer. Hopefully that will be reflected in my new work. As usual though, once I start, I never 'really' know where I am going to end up. I will try and post a kind of 'best of' in terms of photos that I took this summer.

Peace to everyone this December....